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All this fantastic world of Oriland was invented and created by the origami-artists Yuri and Katrin Shumakov from paper without using glue and scissors.

Yuri and Katrin Shumakov are internationally recognized professional origami artists. First introduced to origami in France in 1989, they developed this art in a heretofore unseen way. Now residents of Toronto, Canada and authors of many books and CDs, they share their art with the world.

They created the fantastic Oriland world, which consists of amazing creations: goblins and wizards, castles of magical wonder, dragons, princesses, trees and flowers, sailing ships and sea creatures, dinosaur skeletons and so much more including elegant floral arrangements they call Oribana. Their origami designs have been exhibited in different countries across the globe. And now, you can view online this mind blowing work.

Psychologists by education, their Ph.D scientific work showed how origami helps the development of children: creates conditions of intensive interaction of the brain’s hemispheres and effectively allows development of motor skills of both hands, intellectual and creative abilities.

Yuri and Katrin Shumakov have done Internet projects including this multiple award winning Oriland.com, acknowledged as a high quality creative, educational and fun website for children and adults. They believe that origami is "entertainment for the soul, gymnastics for the mind, and training for the hands."

Oriland Authors do commissioned art pieces and custom origami work.
Yuri and Katrin have other passions besides paper design - music, photography and more!
They live in Toronto, Canada, love yoga and a healthy style of life.

Enjoy Oriland and see what origami can be!

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