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Lots of diagrams for your never ending origami entertainment are presented on these incredible Oriland Collections!

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Fashion Series

Origami Bijou

by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov

Publisher: Oriland.com
ISBN: 978-1-926834-13-9
CD-ROM Version

CD-ROM version


Downloadable Version

Downloadable version

(Windows, ZIP,218Mb)

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Origami Bijou

WELCOME to Origami Bijou!

ORIGAMI BIJOU offers you step-by-step directions on how to make more than 50 original origami models, ranging from simple to complex in seven thematic categories. ORIGAMI BIJOU contains ten sections, which you can open using the menu at the top and bottom of the screen. The main sections are GALLERY, INDEX OF MODELS and MY FOLDING. There are 1,200 detailed step-by-step colorful diagrams, placed on 204 pages. The models range in different levels of difficulty from simple to complex, and in seven thematic categories: Bracelets, Rings & Ear Clips, Necklaces & Beads, Tiaras & Headbands, Fancy Shoes, Purses and Variety.

Origami Bijou - Gallery

GALLERY section

In this section, the origami designs of seven thematic categories are displayed. Here are presented all the models and their variations, all to help you create your own original paper world. First you'll see entries to seven categories. Just choose the category that interests you and click on its image. Then you will come in its CATEGORY menu.

Origami Bijou - Category


There are seven thematic categories: Bracelets, Rings & Ear Clips, Fancy Shoes, Necklaces & Beads, Tiaras & Headbands, Purses and Variety. The category menu opens with images and names of all the models of the chosen category. Just choose the model you would like to fold and click on its image. Then you will come in diagrams of this model in the MY FOLDING section.

Origami Bijou - Index of Models


This section offers you a choice of models from the table of contents according to the level of folding and a category of models. There are five levels of difficulty from simple to complex. Focusing the cursor on the model’s info you will see a little image of this model. By clicking on a link of the chosen model you will come to its diagrams in the MY FOLDING section.

Origami Bijou - My Folding

MY FOLDING section

This is the place where you fold the model. The left part of the screen shows the photos of the model and the quick menu. The right part presents the detailed step-by-step colorful diagrams that will guide you through folding the model page by page. Each step of the diagrams is supplied with the text directions. Also, you can enlarge the diagrams and print the diagrams' page.

Origami Bijou - Paper Coloring


ORIGAMI BIJOU has the 'Paper Coloring' section. It contains a collection of 30 original Oriland Patterns, which you can print out to make your paper models colorful and original! The patterns will be very useful for the various paper projects.This is fun!

Origami Bijou - Origami Symbols


ORIGAMI BIJOU has 'Origami Symbols' section explaining international origami symbols. This is very useful for beginners to get to know the most basic points about origami - its symbols because they will help to read diagrams for folding from almost any origami source. The animations will help to understand actions that accompany symbols or sets of lines and symbols.


Origami Bijou - Bracelets


Prickly Bracelet, Bracelet with Hexagonal Gems, Wristlet, Rhombic Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Bracelet 'Zigzag', Bracelet 'Candy' (2 var), Bracelet 'Moon Waltz', Heart Bracelet(2var), Floral Bracelet.

Origami Bijou - Rings & Ear Clips

Rings & Ear Clips

Simple Ring, Octagonal Gem Ring, Tetragonal Gem Ring, Flower Ring, Hexagonal Gem Ring, Heart Rings (2 var), Ear Hoops (2 var), Ear Clips ‘Pyramids’, Earrings ‘Curly Drops’.

Origami Bijou - Necklaces & Beads

Necklaces & Beads

Chainlet, Fluffy Beads, Flower Beads, Flower Pendant, Crystal Beads, Rhombic Necklaces (2 var), Floral Necklaces.

Origami Bijou - Tiaras & Headbands

Tiaras & Headbands

Flower Tiaras (2 var), Rhombic Headbands (2 var), Heart Headband.

Origami Bijou - Purses


Purses (2 var), Origami Jewelry Chest, Handbag, Portfolio, Rucksack.

Origami Bijou - Fancy Shoes

Fancy Shoes

Fancy Bootees (3 var), Magical Slippers, High Heeled Shoes.

Origami Bijou - Variety


Funny Pocket, Flower Kusudama (2 var), Module 'Hearts', Flower Module.


The models are mostly intermediate level of folding and they are good for everyone to fold and wear or give to friends.

System Requirements

This program needs no installation and uses its own built-in Flash technology.
Downloadable version (Windows only):
Unpack the archive, then run "Origami Bijou.exe".

NOTE: as MAC doesn't have Power PC compatibility anymore, there is no MAC version available at the present.


These products are available exclusively in electronic format, need no installation and use its own built-in Flash technology to operate. The downloadable versions of the products can be purchased exclusively through www.oriland.com


Note: Please, feel free to fold the origami designs presented on Oriland website and in Oriland publications for your own personal amusement and to teach your friends, but please contact us for any desired commercial use.

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