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"Oribana: Paper Flower Arrangement"

The Japanese Paper Place, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 1, 2006

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Oribana: Paper Flower Arrangement

Sun. October 1,
1:30 –4:30 pm Japanese Paper Place

Flowers are a delightful part of our world; they inspire poets and artists with their natural beauty and charm. It’s a pleasure to depict flowers in paper. By combining the fascination of two remarkable arts - Origami and Ikebana, origami-artists, Katrin and Yuri Shumakov create their paper flower arrangements in paper vases and call it "ORIBANA". Today they will present one of their own Oribana-arrangements, teaching every detail - flowers, stalks, leaves, a vase and then uniting them into the entire composition. So, at the end of this workshop, everyone will have in their possession a wonderful Oribana arrangement, made by their own hands with a selection of Japanese papers. Some experience is origami will be helpful, but not essential.


On this workshop, origami-artists, Katrin and Yuri Shumakov presented one of their own Oribana-arrangements, teaching every detail - a vase with a flower holder, stalks, leaves, flowers, and then uniting them into the entire composition.

Making the vase was a big challenge for all, but after an hour with a quarter, everyone completed the vase successfully, which looked very nice folded from “Ajisai Sapphire” fine Japanese paper.

(on picture from left to right: Pablo, Maria and Yuri)

Then, the students were given a technique of making stalks and branches and this resulted in creating the Bellflower branch with a couple of leaves. Gentle “Floral Sukashi Apricot” paper worked for the Bellflowers perfectly.

(on picture from left to right: Yumi, Catherine and Katrin)

Making the Jasmine branch included the exploration of tubular stalks and construction of tall branches, as well as folding Jasmine flowers from fine “Moriki Kozo” paper in shades of Fuschia and Raspberry.

(on picture: Abeer and John)

Despite of the fact that workshop's participants had different origami skills, everyone was successful and made a wonderful Oribana arrangement by their own hands. Good job, everyone!

All materials, including booklets of diagrams and a selection of Japanese papers, were supplied at no extra charge.
Photos by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov


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