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Oriland Authors were invited to be special guests on The 5th International South-East Origami Festival 2002

Workshop, Invited Talk and Demonstration

The 5th International South-East Origami Festival, Charlotte, NC, USA, September 24-30, 2002


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One of surprises was that our origami clown was chosen as an emblem of the festival and flaunted on the Festival poster, booklet and T-shirt. During the festival, we gave two workshops for art-teachers, explaining our study with special emphasis on creativity.
Among the announced Focus Series, we attended the 'Origami in Therapy'. It was great discussion; many participants shared their experiences and observations. We told about our PhD research about how origami helps to develop psychomotor, intellectual and creative abilities and stimulates the right and left brains and interaction between them.
The 'Origami Storytelling' Show at the Main Library was wonderful, especially the magnificent stories performed by Rachel Katz, a natural actress, origami teacher and our good friend. She was able to attract and involve children and adults in origami immediately. (Katrin and Rachel on the photo)

The next bright spot of the festival for us was the Gala Opening Reception in the Bank of America. It was a very beautiful meeting with many international artists. We had nice talks with Dave Brill, Tomoko Fuse, Joseph Wu, Jonathan Baxter and some others. Besides, periodically we joined in the lovely Rachel's company: Mae Dean Erb, Danny Cohen and Toby Schwarz. (Yuri and Katrin on the photo by Rachel Katz)


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
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