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CD Review
'Origami Skeletons' CDrom
by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov

This disk is a revision of an earlier issue "Skeletons Team". See review in BO issue 226.

So what has changed? The first thing is the presentation case. The old disk came in a jewel case, the new one in a DVD type case. I much prefer the latter. It's stronger and more readily identifiable. Of the CD itself, the changes are mainly technical. The old disk ran in a web browser the new runs using flash. Neither require any files adding to the hard disk [unless the machine lacks basic browser (old) or flash (new) and video player (both)].

The model content is the same for both disks, 5 multi-piece models, ancient man skeleton, Stegosaurus skeleton, Tyrannosaur skeleton, Diplodocus skeleton, Dimetrodon skeleton. The models are well thought out and lock without glue.

The authors recommend ordinary copier paper. The disk provides a set of optional patterns which may be used to print on the sheets. The old disk left you with a task of calculating the paper sizes. The new disk does the calculation for you. The old disk had long scrolls to follow the diagrams. The new disk is much better laid out and scrolling is avoided. The spelling and turn of phrase is now correct.

Diagrams are photographs over laid by appropriate international symbols. They are easily followable.

Overall conclusion. If you have a copy of the old disk then probably it's not worthwhile upgrading - unless some aspect of it annoys. If you have not bought the disk then it's now a much better proposition.

Reviewed by David Petty

* * *

British Origami
The Magazine of British Origami Society,
February 2006


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