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CD Review
Origami Land CDrom
by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov

This is latest in a whole series of cd-roms produced by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov.

At time passes computer display technology improves and newer methods are incorporated in CDroms. So it is with this disk. It autoruns, needs no install and uses it’s own in-built Flash technology to operate. There are two ways of accessing the 33 models on the disk, either via a graphical interface or via an index. The latter pops up a mini graphic of the model as the mouse hovers over.

The models themselves are mainly multi-piece. The “Toy Boat” from the recent BOS Notts convention pack is amongst the latter and a good example of the style. The models fall into the categories “animals, buildings, people, plants or vehicles”. One nice feature is that the CD remembers the last page viewed and will take the user back to it. There is a section explaining origami symbols (the international system), useful for beginners. You can print out paper designs to match the models on screen.

Diagrams, with instructions for the models, can be printed out or the models folded from the screen. There is an in-built zoom facility to get to grips with details while working on screen. You can also see a photo of the final model as well as the final drawing and there is an instant-access page index for each model. Anyone who has experienced the Origami Land web site run by the authors will instantly recognize the style and content of this CD. It’s colourful and cheerful which makes this CD ideal as a present. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by David Petty

* * *

British Origami
The Magazine of British Origami Society,
Issue # 221, August 2003, Page 29


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