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Book Review
Oribana Delight
by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov

Oriland Publications 2002, 120 pages, A4 soft cover, English text.

Here’s a detailed manual for dedicated origami flower folders by these two Russian experts. Those who know the Shumakovs’ work will be aware of the sensitivity and finesse of their folding, to say nothing of its scale! Oribana Delight allows you step into their world, and try some of their very attractive origami flower displays.

Clear diagrams, with standard symbols, are given for not only flowers, but also leaves, stems, sepals, and blades of grass. A chapter describing the folding of vases and containers so you can complete your Ikebana type display. The diagrams are well placed, with colour shading to indicate the colour arrangements in the folding steps. Colour photos show the Shumakovs’ finishing designs so you can model your arrangement with easy, though not without some concentrated effort!

The folding techniques aren’t revolutionary, relying to familiar bases and geometry. The flowers, leaves and stems are cleverly connected without use of glue: this will naturally satisfy the origami purist. The vases and containers offer more scope for those who like an engineering challenge, however the finished containers are subtle in their finished forms, with curved sides and elegant proportions belying their pleated geometric construction. Oribana Delight is a useful addition to your origami library, particularly if you enjoy decorative style of origami. Available from Supplies.

Reviewed by Valle Bird

* * *

British Origami
The Magazine of British Origami Society,
Issue # 219, April 2003, Page 18


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