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Book Review
Origami Chic
by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov

Paperback. 80 pages.
24 models Intermediate.

Origami Chic is a delightful book packed with wondrous models, written by the Shumakovs. In case you’re not familiar with these prolific artists, that can only mean you have not yet seen their award-winning website Oriland.com. Their book will help you transform paper into origami accessories: rings, necklaces, shoes, and purses.

The book is filled with fashionable origami that you can wear yourself or give to your favorite lady. A wonderful model is the “stretch bracelet,” an expansion bracelet that slips over your hand to fit your wrist. The floral bracelet module can also be used to make the floral necklace. The module, called a “bead,” is hung from a string. The lock uses a triangular flap that is folded over and inserting into a “pocket.” The result is quite charming. There are four bracelets, each using a different module so that the end result is four distinct bracelets. There are also headbands and tiaras that are just right for the “origami princess” in your life.

The first half of the book is comprised of models created by Yuri Shumakov and here you will find the jewelry. The second half of the book contains the models designed by Katrin Shumakov. Katrin’s “funny pocket,” a multi-use container, can also be turned into a talking puppet. The same base is used to make wearable slippers (great for travelers!). Some additional steps turn them into high-heeled shoes.

Module “hearts” can be assembled in different configurations to create a shoulder bag, briefcase, knapsack, jewelry chest, or fancy “booties.” Modular flowers can be added as floral accents ot joined together to form a kusudama.

Did I like this book? Obviously, I enjoyed it! “Fold and wear’ origami – how perfect! This book will make a great gift for any occasion.

Reviewed by Toby Schwartz (NY)

* * *

The Magazine of OrigamiUSA society
Issue # 79, 2003 / Volume 1 , Page 22


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