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Book Review
Oribana Delight: Paper Flowers and Vases
by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov

Paperback. 120 pages.
Simple to complex.

What a delightful book! Oribana Delight definitely lives up to its name. This softbound book is full of charming flowers for your folding pleasure. And once you have flowers it’s only natural to want to arrange them; included also are the vases to put them in. As in the style Ikebana, from which Oribana derives its name, you will find complete instructions to crate several different illustrated arrangements, or mix and match them to compose an arrangement of your own design.

This book is written in a caring and professional manner. It begins with a wonderful introduction that describes the essence of “Oribana.” The following section of symbols and helpful folding tips renders it user friendly for beginners. Attractive clear diagrams are colored in shades of red, green and brown; carefully detailed using symbols combined with English text, they easily guide you through each step. The core of the book consists of three chapters described below.

Chapter I: Flowers. Ranging from simple to complex, there are seventeen different blossoms including a Bellflower, Dahlia, Edelweiss, Daisy, Rose, and Orchid, just to name a few. Additional diagrams for leaves, buds, and stems allow you to construct a flower entirely made with paper, using no glue. To make your flower look as they would in nature, recommendations are provided for color, paper, and size.

Chapter II: Vases. Nine different vases ranging from tall vases to short bowls offer a wide variety of arrangement styles. There is even a diagram for a clever holder that keeps the flowers stems in a fixed order inside the vase. Again, care is given to provide detailed diagrams and information for paper choices and proportions.

Chapter III: Oribana Arrangements. A full-color photo gallery shows examples of fourteen fanciful arrangements that you can reproduce. Included also is a section on basic principles and art methods in flower arranging that will inspire you to create your own masterpieces.

These cheerful flowers are a sure way to brighten up any home décor. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion and are ideal for that person who is allergic, or for a medical reason cannot tolerate real flowers, which makes them the perfect “get well” gift. Unlike real flowers, these flowers will stay brilliant.

Even if you own the “Oribana CD,” you will want this companion book. Although there is a small amount of repeat, there is plenty of fresh material in both to make them worthwhile. I totally impressed with this book, for the contents, the explicit diagrams, and its sheer beauty; you can feel the passion of the authors. If you love flowers as I do, this book is a must have. Flourish your lives with Flowers!

Reviewed by Kathy Meyer (WI)

* * *

The Magazine of OrigamiUSA society
Issue # 80, 2003 / Volume 2 , Page 25


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