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Oriland - The Paper's World

This exciting new web site is the result of two admirers of origami, Katrin and Yurii Shumakov. They are graduates of Psychology in Rostov and authors of "We study Origami", "Origami - miracles from a paper" and "Useful subjects and decorations for a desk". A Japanese folder presented them with a small paper crane in 1989 during a theatrical festival in France, which led to origami becoming the main passion of their lives. Working from Kasahara's "Origami for the Connoisseur" they mastered diagrams and began to create their own models.

They have studied the psychological and psychophysiological influence of origami up to degree level, and it formed the theme of their dissertation. After much work with children and adults, they arrived at ideal methods of folding models, which allow people to successfully fold even the most difficult models. This approach is reflected in their fascinating and highly visual web-site.

They observed that origami not only gives satisfaction and joy, but also influences mental functions and can be used to develop mental abilities. Origami can benefit:

*activity of the right and left hemisphere of the brain
*small and accurate finger movements of both hands.
*parameters of intelligence (Raven)
*creative thinking; speed, flexibility and originality.
*three-dimensional imagination.
*psychoemotional condition.
*reduction of anxiety.
*improvements in eye accuracy.

* * *

British Origami Magazine, # 195, April 1999


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