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"Extraordinary origami displayed at Stony Brook. Dozens of amazing creations were admired at the exhibition at SBU last week."

The Village Times Herald
August 16, 2007, pp 1, A14

Amazing origami unfolds at SBU

Paper planes it's not; art it sure is by Robert Sisler

This past week, for the third time, the long Island Folding Enthusists (LIFE) brought origami international sessions and an exhibit to the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University. Through the efforts of LIFE's founder, Rachel Katz, along with Shrikant Iyer, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, world-renowed origami-artists whose designs have been across the world, were invited to bring a mind-blowing display to the Wang Center. Originally from Russia, the Shumakovs now live in Toronto.

On a 40-foot island of tables in the center of the floor, the Shumakovs presented Oriland, including castles, sailing ships, sea creatures, dinosaur skeletons, dragons, princesses, flowers, goblins and wisards of wonder. The exhibit included elegant origami floral arrangements on pedestals around the periphery of the room.

Origami, the art of paper folding, became a part of festivities in this area when Pat and Rob Sisler donated a 10-foot holiday tree to the port Jefferson Village Center to be decorated with maritime origami figures. Most of those figures had been on the origami tree at the Mertopolian museum of Art several years ago. The figures were given to port Jefferson by origami USA and augmented by figures folded by LIFE, of which Pat Sisler is a member. Katz helped arrange the figures on th etree. Usually, origami folds preclude the use of scisors or glue, and where several different types of components or colors are needed, use is made of what is called compound origami.

Origami involves an intensive interaction of the brain's hemispheres and allows developmentt of motor skills in both hands, and intellectual and creative abolities. The Shumakovs say it is entertaiment for the soul, gymnastics for the mind and training for the hands.


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