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Oriland Creators, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov have other passions besides paper design - music, photography and more! With science and art in the background they are knowledgeable in many areas and use their comprehensive approach in each work they create, whether it's origami, graphic design or programming, music or photo-art.

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Mysterious Garden by Julian Ray

Julian Ray Music

Julian Ray is the artistic name of Yury Shumakov - composer, designer and artist. He creates melodic music in wide range of genres from Adult Contemporary to Ambient, Cosmic and New Age; from bright and dynamic tunes to soothing and hypnotic textures. His music is a combination of complex layers and breezy melodies with vigor and groove. Yuri, aka Julian, had already released several albums with his distinctive freestyle ambient, cosmic music and is currently working on new ones.
Visit Julian Ray Music website and JRM facebook to know more. Listen to full songs and buy on Bandcamp His music also available at Amazon & iTunes, CDbaby and other online music stores

Art Photography

Drawing, painting, photography were always a part of Katrin and Yuri’s life to a certain degree. Whether it is a sketch for a future oribana arrangement or an exhibition, or a drawing of a cover design, or taking photographs, it always reflects their creative vision and love of details. Presently, Katrin is exploring the world of art photography more deeply and finds it quite flexible for artistic expression. It’s like a digital paintbrush! All these digital capabilities, available now, allow experimenting with new techniques to create digital art works. All the artworks for Julian Ray Music are created by her. Known in photography world as Katrin Ray, she is a winner of Toronto Photo Contest 2010 Currently her Toy-ronto series is on display at Vistek Galleries across Canada! Visit Katrin’s photo gallery on Flickr

Graphic Design

Katrin and Yuri have done all artworks for Oriland by themselves and developed their own distinctive unmistakable style of drawing Origami step-by-step diagrams in the computer programs. They freely use CorelDraw, Corel Photo-Paint, FreeHand, Photoshop, Acrobat to name just the main ones. Book layout & design, logos, pre-press, illustration, brochures, advertisements, flyers, posters - all the possible work of that kind in Oriland are made by them.

Web Design and Programming

Yuri and Katrin have designed, coded and maintained several websites for others in addition to their own projects, including award winning Oriland, which led them to receiving prestigious prizes in Paris, France and USA. Their recent web design work is the Julian Ray website. They also programmed all their interactive CDs on origami, effectively using Flash technology. Some of the Origami CDs also have video and music incorporated.


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