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ORILAND: What Origami Can Be!
(Sun City Kingdom, Paper Sea and Dino-skeleton)

Toronto Public Library (St. James Town Branch),
Toronto, ON, Canada, March 17 – 21, 2009

"Simply breatht taking! Truly a unique and wonderful way to look at origami. Thank you for sharing your vision with young and old and everyone inbetween!"
(Andrew Lumb, from Exhibition Guestbook)


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Oriland Exhibition

ORILAND Exhibition Close-up view of the museum building, which is nicely decorated with floral lanterns and has Asian-styled roofs. If you look inside, you’ll see tiny furniture… chairs and a table, in this case.
From Exhibition Guestbook: "I'm glad to see such a wonderful ORIGAMI in Toronto. - Saki Haruna (JAPAN)."
ORILAND Exhibition Between the Oriland Museum area and the Castle there are lovely flower gardens and of course, the Oriland Café! Orilanders love to come there and rest. Some spectators of the Oriland exhibition asked why there are no food or drinks on tables… Well, the exhibition was situated inside the library, where no food is allowed, sorry :)
ORILAND ExhibitionWalking from the Oriland Café toward the Castle, we find charming Flower Gardens. This is a perfect place to sit quietly and enjoy flowers and their aromas. This time of year in Oriland, there are zinnias and primroses, blooming at the same time – in paper land everything is possible!
ORILAND exhibitionThe most attractive of the highlights of the show was the Sun Castle with delicate arches and a sunny ornament above the door. The roundish walls are formed by paper and fastened by paper connectors, and of course, no glue or cutting. At the entrance to the Sun Castle, the Prince and Princess are heartily welcoming visitors.


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
See more photos of ORILAND exhibitions at
Oriland on Flickr & Oriland on Facebook


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