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“Oriland. Un mundo de papiroflexia”
(La Magic Kingdom and Oribana Arrangements)

Casa de Cutlura de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, El Escorial, Spain, April 26 - May 1, 2007

"'Oriland. Un mundo de papiroflexia',
una muestra de lo que Yuri y Katrin Shumakov
son capaces de hacer con sus manos..."

El Telegrafo, No. 312, Miercoles 25 de abril 2007, p 12


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Greetings Cards Display

ORILAND Exhibition There are our new designs from Greetings Cards collection. They are made with fine Japanese paper: Chiyogami, Katazome-shi, Moriki Kozo, Floral Sukashi and others, as well as Gira Pearl, textured Linens, Iwahadas and others as cardstocks, all from Japanese Paper Place of Toronto.
ORILAND ExhibitionWe designed the cards mostly with floral mood, combining origami flowers with strips, rectangles and squares of special paper. Some cards were with heart theme and some in a herbarium style.
ORILAND ExhibitionThese are our 'pillow-card' designs, all in square form and featuring different flowers in the centre. Singularity of these cards consists of an original way of opening and closing the card. Being originally designed from a square, all the four corners are locking in the middle and creating an effect of a small pillow.
ORILAND exhibitionMany people wanted to buy them or asked about a book/CD with the instruction how to do them :) We are not selling them, but planning to produce a CD with these and other designs of Greetings Cards later this year. So, here, the virtual tour on the Oriland exhibition, shown in El Escorial, Spain, is finished and one day we are hoping to see you on our next exhibitions.


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
See more photos of ORILAND exhibitions at
Oriland on Flickr & Oriland on Facebook


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