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“Oriland. Un mundo de papiroflexia”
(La Magic Kingdom and Oribana Arrangements)

Casa de Cutlura de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, El Escorial, Spain, April 26 - May 1, 2007

"'Oriland. Un mundo de papiroflexia',
una muestra de lo que Yuri y Katrin Shumakov
son capaces de hacer con sus manos..."

El Telegrafo, No. 312, Miercoles 25 de abril 2007, p 12


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Oriland Kingdom: La Magic

ORILAND Exhibition This is a nice view on the kingdom from the Sailing Ship. You know, this is just a part of La Magic kingdom, which is shown on this exhibition. The whole kingdom takes a space twice as this and also contains Magic Academy, Old Castle, Magic Garden and large residential area.
ORILAND Exhibition Magic Library is filled with magic books and scrolls to learn and cast spells :) Inscription on its front says “All Magic Books await you here, So, read, experience and practice!” Magic Library is half meter (20 inches) high and was built from 900 pieces of paper without any gluing and cutting.
ORILAND ExhibitionSailing Ship ‘Moonlight’ was crafted from 350 pieces of paper without any gluing and cutting. It is 80 cm (32 inches) long. Some visitors insisted that stairs were cut :) But there are secrets of folding, no cutting :) Spanish kids, entering, often exclaimed: “Un barko pirato!” which means ‘A pirate ship’. Though, this one was not.
ORILAND exhibitionScenes of marine life at the shores of La Magic kingdom. ‘Moonlight’ is set sail towards new lands and adventures. On the horizon, you can see the sailing ship ‘Brave’, which is returning home from far shores. Oh, and just look, how cheerfully these fishes play in waves.


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
See more photos of ORILAND exhibitions at
Oriland on Flickr & Oriland on Facebook


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