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Exhibition ORILAND
Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University,
Stony Brook, NY, USA, August 1 - 8, 2007

"A mind-blowing exhibition by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov features Origami clowns and goblins, beautiful flower arrangements (Oribana) and sprawling medival castles. This exhibition is a visual feast of amazing creativity, artistry and talent."

(from the Exhibition announcement)


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Oribana: Paper Flower Arrangements

Wang Center This composition, named 'Fairy Tale', presents 'Oribana Charm' collection. The featured models are Fairy Wings (Epimedium) with airy dainty yellowish flowers and very attractive heart-shaped foliage; Russian Fritillary enchanting with its graceful dandling bells and tendrils, which are wafting a fairy spirit; and Flower Vase with the short flower holder inside.
Wang Center 'Sunny Salutation' also belongs to 'Oribana Charm' collection. It presents the cheering Sunflower beauties among jazzy splashes of Morning Glories, all in Vase on legs with the short flower holder inside.
From Exhibition Guestbook: “I can't believe this is all origami! It is fantastic."
This composition named 'Beauty Spot' is one of the starring arrangements of 'Oribana Beauty' collection. It features the amazing pink Anemone Nemorosa flowers and branches of Alpine Clematis.
From Exhibition Guestbook: “Ori + Bana is an excellent way to describe your work!! I love them!!”
ORILAND exhibitionLeft: 'Autumn Serenade' composition of 'Oribana Beauty' collection presents showy Chrysanthemums and the graceful branch of Trumpet Vine. Right: These compositions are from 'Oribana Delight' collection - 'Caprice' with Orchide Pleione and 'Elegie' with delicate roses.
ORILAND exhibitionLeft: This composition called 'Awaiting' belongs to 'Oribana Delight' collection. It features Tea Rose with various leafs in Cylindrical Vase. Right: The small oribana 'Tea Time' of 'Oribana Charm' collection shows enchanting flowers of Campanula 'Cup & Saucer' in the shallow Semicircular Vase. The tall composition named 'Wood Dance'’ from 'Oribana Beauty' collection presents graceful Columbines, lobelias and arching stems of Solomon's Seal.
ORILAND exhibitionMany visitors recognized the flowers and were amazed that the whole compositions are made just from paper.
From Exhibition Guestbook: “Really exquisite and whimsical. Flowers that are real flowers – but paper! A fantasy land! ”
We had a nice floral promenade along Oribana arrangements, so let's have a final review over the whole Oriland exhibition…


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
See more photos of ORILAND exhibitions at
Oriland on Flickr & Oriland on Facebook


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