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Exhibition ORILAND: Albuquerque Kingdom (Albuquerque Kingdom, Miniature Oribana)
Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference,
Albuquerque, NM, USA, October 3 – 7, 2013

"Uncommon Exhibition ...Their work was a fantastic origami rendition of the Albuquerque’s Old Town Church – San Felipe de Neri. Around the church there was a park with many figures representing people, gardens, and hot air balloons. No glue or cutting used!"

(from a review on OrigamiSpirit com)


ORILAND's Albuquerque Kingdom at PCOC 2013!

We, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, have been honored to be invited as special guest-artists on Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference in Albuquerque, NM, in October 2013. It was a fabulous origami event that was held in Albuquerque during International Balloon Fiesta. The whole experience of this origami event and balloon fiesta was just fantastic and unforgettable! We loved New Mexico!


As a special treat we brought our Oriland's Albuquerque Kingdom we designed especially for this event! The kingdom included origami toy-versions of prominent sights of Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA) including our origami version of San Felipe de Neri Church, one of beautiful heritage sights of Albuquerque, as well as the Origami Balloon Fiesta and paper shores of Rio Grande. We also had 20 of our miniature oribana compositions, each in 6-inch shadowbox frame, on display. The convention and exhibition were hosted in a beautiful Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North that was decorated all over with south-western themed origami including hundreds of our hot air balloons folded by the enthusiastic folks of Albuquerque Origami Society!


We had a good publicity with exhibition pictures published in Albuquerque Journal, so there were lots of visitors, not only from origami community, but from the wide public too. It was so much fun when people recognized the Old Town Church in our origami Albuquerque Kingdom and just couldn't believe what origami can be! :-)



Watch a slide show of the Albuquerque Kingdom display! More photos of ALBUQUERQUE Kingdom can be seen on our Oriland website http://www.oriland.com/kingdoms/main.php?kingdom=albuquerque


Miniature Oribana Display (2013_10_04_EOS_3943)


Here are 20 Miniature Oribana we exhibited at PCOC 2013, Albuquerque, NM. Each in 6-inch shadowbox frame.


20 Mini Oribana Shown on PCOC 2013


They are representing all 3 Oribana Collections we have: 'Oribana Beauty', 'Oribana Charm' and 'Oribana Delight'and an eBook "Enticing Paper Roses" The shadowboxes are from our newest eBook Origami Shasowbox Frames Used various Japanese paper, including Chiyogami, hand-made "Moriki Kozo", origami paper and much more for all the plants and the vases... We had 3 workshops teaching our popular Origami Hot Air Balloon, Yucca flower (New Mexico State Flower) we designed especially for this convention and our Shadowbox Frame.


Workshop_Shumakov_Hot_Air_Balloon Workshop_Shumakov_YUCCA_Flower_Pin Workshop_Shumakov_Shadowbox_Frame 

And after an elongated workshop on our Hot Air Balloon we did an Origami Balloon Ascension with our students :-)

Origami Balloon Ascension! (2013_10_06_EOS_4903)

It was a super busy convention for us with lots of work. We had really great time in Albuquerque with all the convention and post-convention activity that included International Balloon Fiesta, International Balloon Museum, Sandia Peak Areal Tram, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Old Town of Albuquerque, where we finally got to see the Old Town Church for ourselves! :-)


Albuquerque Old Town Church: Origami Version & The Original (2013_10_08_EOS_5645)

 Albuquerque's Old Town Church - San Felipe de Neri Church. Side by side - our origami version and the original! We never saw it before and designed our ori-version of it relaying only on images of the church and Google map views. After exhibiting our Oriland's Albuquerque Kingdom at PCOC 2013, in Albuquerque, NM, we finally got a chance to visit Albuquerque's Old Town and see this beautiful heritage church in person!

 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Planet with Origami Fun!


Here is how the Albuquerque Planet looked like (through eyes of Katrin) when the sun appeared from Sandia Mountains casting the golden light on the first day of the International Balloon fiesta. We , Yuri (smiling at you from the image) and Katrin really enjoyed the fiesta - it was totally exciting to see all the balloons going up!


A bit of history: Actually the invitation was made long before the convention and we had almost a year to prepare to it. Working closely with Patty Grodner, Albuquerque liaison of PCOC and a passionate leader of Albuquerque Origami Society, we have been asked by her if we possibly could do something like our Oriland Kingdoms with South-Western theme to it... We said, "Well... we'll see what we can do!" Patty is a long-time Oriland supporter, so how we could say otherwise!


We never have been in Albuquerque or anywhere in New Mexico before, so we had to do a thorough research on Albuquerque's sightseeing and what from it can be compatible with our Oriland Kingdoms.


We looked all over the Internet and have chosen San Felipe de Neri Church, Old Town Church of Albuquerque, as the main piece for our origami Albuquerque Kingdom. Thanks to wonders of the world wide web, we were able to "walk" virtually on Albuquerque's Old Town Plaza, over Google map and got into the spirit of this beautiful place.


After the research we got into a designing stage... Meanwhile we were on the crossroad of two big exhibitions here in Toronto with our brand-new Toy-ronto Kingdom for which we created several origami versions of prominent Toronto sights - huge amount of work! Nonetheless, in early summer 2013, our origami vision of Old Town Church of Albuquerque was taking its paper shape... as well as many little details for the kingdom, as flowers, little people, etc and of course, hot air balloons!


In this point we did a photo-session with the designs and produced our Oriland poster announcing PCOC... Here it is - pictured is our origami version of San Felipe de Neri Church, an iconic sight of Old Town of Albuquerque.

ORILAND Poster for PCOC 2013!

Later in summer, OrigamiUSA released beautiful postcards featuring our Old Town Church to announce the upcoming Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference 2013!


2013_08_19 PCOC Postcard EOS_1781 100096 pcoc2013_tshirt


We were glad also that our origami hot air balloon was chosen as a logo of PCOC 2013! Many convention items like t-shirts, the convention book, pens, pins and other goodies had our balloon on them!

Albuquerque Journal, October 5, 2013, featured our Albuquerque Kingdom, announcing Origami Show at Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference 2013. On a day of the exhibit installation we had a visit of a correspondent of Albuquerque Journal, Marla Brose, who was watching us setting up our Albuquerque Kingdom with origami Old Town Church. She was so excited to see the process, asked many questions, did lots of photos and said in the end "Watch for tomorrow's paper - you'll be there!"


Our Albuquerque Kingdom featured at Albuquerque Journal, Oct 5, 2013


Special thanks to Albuquerque Origami Society and OrigamiUSA for organizing such a great Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Conference 2013 ! We had a fantastic time at PCOC in Albuquerque!


More images can be seen at Oriland's Flickr gallery




Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
See more photos of ORILAND exhibitions at
Oriland on Flickr & Oriland on Facebook

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