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Oriland Authors do commissioned art pieces for private collections as well as for commercial usage.

Origami is a unique art form, which allows for creating amazing one-of-a-kind pieces from paper, that are impossible to create by other means or materials. There is no repetitive flow production: each origami design is original, created and folded individually.

To discuss a possible exhibition, workshops at your venue or commissioned artwork
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Comissioned work

Origami designs can work very impressively in advertising whether it’s web, print, or television. If you have a particular idea of what you want, please tell us and we will see if it can be translated to origami. Anyway, feel free to explore our Oriland and Oribana galleries, if you are looking for ideas. Commercial work may also include custom folding instructions too.

Commissioned works are priced individually by request, depending on the particular subject and its complexity, size, paper requirements, especially for origami in large scale. The price may range from one or two hundreds to several thousand dollars.

Origami Stego Dinosaurus
Origami Stego Dinosaurus

For all commissioned work, price and availability, please contact Yuri and Katrin with a description of your project, your budget, deadline and contact information.


Origami Dino Skeleton
Comissioned work
Origami Calendars

Origami Clowns


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