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Traditionally in origami, it is accepted to fold a model from a square sheet of paper. However many origami-artists use also diversified shapes of paper (rectangle, triangle, polygon and even circle) for their origami-projects.

Origami is entertainment for the Soul, gymnastics for the Mind and training for the Hands!

How to make a square
Here are presented two ways to make a square from a rectangular sheet of paper.


For making origami models you can use a wide variety of paper from regular two-color origami paper to fine handmade paper, from paper foil to copy paper, posters, wallpapers or any other types of paper. A choice of paper depends on a specific model.

Some models are good from two-color paper, because the second side of paper has its own role in total model design. For some models, it's very good to use paper, colored on both sides and doesn't lose its color on a crease, so models look accurate and beautiful.

The chosen colors and paper texture are also very important for a pleasant appearance of a model.


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