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Five Questions about Origami Benefits


What is happening when we are doing origami?
Body level: Your hands are made active, they give impulses to your brain, and activate your left and right hemispheres. Tactile, motor and visual brain's zones are made very active.
Soul level: Your emotions are painted with joy, satisfaction, and pride in your own work. They broaden your emotional self-image.
Mind level: Your memory, non-verbal thinking, attention, 3D-comprehension, imagination are working hard.


What ages are good for origami?
Origami is good for any age: from kids, those who start learning all by themselves, to persons of mature years who don't stop developing their own individuality.


For whom is Origami?
For everyone who is able to be surprised, for all who love challenge, for all who want to study something new, for all who love beauty, and for all who like to do something with their hands.


What aspects of applications of origami are there?
Educational, Developmental, Therapeutic


Who can use origami for these aspects?
Educator, Teacher, Psychologist, Physician, Parents


Answers by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


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