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December 31, 2017

Oriland e-News: Happy New Year from Origami Canada + Print & Fold Calendar Box 2018!

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ORILAND: What Origami Can Be!

Dear Friend of Oriland!

Origami Festive Ornaments!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

Oriland Creators, Yuri and Katrin, and all the Orilanders are wishing you a happy, peaceful, healthy and creative 2018! Enjoy origami and be magnificent in all you do!

Happy New Year!

Oriland Balloon RideAs we say goodbye to 2017, we have to admit that it was a tremendous year the super highlight of which was our exhibition "Origami Canada Land" shown on the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!

Origami Canada Land

It was a playful & whimsical origami exhibition of monumental scale that spanned in a huge diorama 32 meters long, 2 meters deep and 2 meters high with 30+ balloons hanging above the origami land of Canada's landmarks from coast to coast to coast! Parliament Hill, CN Tower, Old Quebec City, Farms of Praries, Vancouver's Sails of Light, Canadarm, Colourful Villages of Maritimes, Hockey Game and many more were rendered in origami to celebrate Canada!

Origami Canada Land

We worked on this unique project about a year, researching, designing and folding 20,000 pieces of paper into 1,000+ individual origami designs of ours. Then in the end of summer, there were amazing 18 days of the CNE with huge crowds coming everyday to visit our Origami Canada Land.

More photos of the exhibition can be seen at Oriland site http://www.oriland.com/kingdoms/main.php?kingdom=canadaland
or in Oriland's Flickr Gallery https://www.flickr.com/photos/oriland/sets/72157686954474916/

Article at The Toronto Star

Our Origami Canada Land was called "Hidden gem at this year's CNE" by The Toronto Star and was prominently featured in its article on August 27, 2017 (Sunday Star issue) landing on the front page of the Entertainment section. This is so great to see such a big attention to origami art!
The article wonderfully written by Tara Dechamps with great photos by Steve Russell is available online at TheStar website https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/visualarts/2017/08/25/hidden-gem-at-this-years-cne-a-massive-canada-150-themed-origami-diorama.html
or over PressReader https://www.pressreader.com/canada/toronto-star/20170827/281517931251003
Happy reading!

Origami Panda FamilyPrint & Fold Origami Calendar Boxes 2018!
Our Annual Gift to you all - printable patterns of ORILAND & ORIBANA Calendar Boxes for 2018!
This year Oriland Calendar Boxes feature scenes from our Origami Canada Land shown on Canadian National Exhibition to mark Canada 150 celebration! The themes include Hockey, Figure Skating, Pandas visiting Canada's landmarks, Polar Bears, Inukshuk, Dinosaur Park and more!

Oriland Calendars 2018!

The Calendar Box can be a wonderful holiday gift to your friends and family and it’s quite useful too!

The free patterns are in PDFs and available for both A4 and Letter format. Just print and fold fabulous and practical Calendar Boxes. Check them out!
ORILAND Calendars at http://www.oriland.com/myoriland/calendars/main.php
ORIBANA Calendars at http://www.oribana.com/atelier/calendars/main.php


Oriland Magic StarWishing a fantastic 2018 filled with creativity and, of course, origami fun! Happy folding! :-)

* * *

All this exciting news is brought to you by the elves and faeries of Oriland :-)

You're always welcome to Oriland!

Origami-ly yours,
Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
Oriland Creators, Origami Artists

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