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I love origami and even more I love Oriland. When I first found this site I was like: Woah! because it was just so creative! I only wish you could do an exhibition of all your creations in the UK.
United Kingdom

I'm a pre-service teacher and I was scouring the web one day for more origami designs.  For the past month I had been working out of 3 origami books I found lying around.  After so much practice out of the books I became tired of the limited designs.  I was disappointed as I had not been able to find anything much better on the web... until I found your website!  I was totally blown away.  It was EXACTLY the type of thing I had been looking for!  I am truly amazed and am going to buy some products immediately!  Oh.. but the castles!  I MUST absolutley and positively make those beautiful castles and houses!  I want to create a whole village!  Please, if you are not working on getting the architecture on CD, please start!!!!  I just can't get over how cool your origami is!
United States

I am so impressed by your easy to follow instructions! I will look at purchasing one of your books shortly. Some of the best instructions I have seen. My daughter is 7 and together we found it easy to follow along. Thank you.

I only found Oriland a couple of days ago so that I could find ideas about what presents I can make for my family for Christmas. When I looked through the Treasury, I was so amazed at how someone could make a thing like that! I mean everything was so beautifully and well made almost as though it were made from something more delicate than paper! This site is absolutely incredible and it must have been tough work trying to make all these models! Oh and I was so inspired by these models and my results were beautiful!
Caitlyn, Australia

I love Oriland I think that it is incredible the way that you get to learn about origami and how you can make your own origami. I have shown many of my friends this site and they also say that it is very good. Thank you for giving me more to create I am very greatful.
Georgina, United Kingdom

I love your models, and both of you have wonderful artistic abilities. Both of you create stuff I never knew you could make out of paper. Keep up the good work, oh and thank you for the diagrams you have, I really appreciate it.
Joshua, United States

You guys have got real genius... and magic in your hands too... and beauty at your fingertips... a big applause... keep the good work up...
Shadia, Mauritius

I came across your website months ago when I was looking for Origami flower materials. I was so taken aback by the vibrant and whimsical creations, they were absolutly charming! The Oribana that you have made are wonderful, This is the first time that I have seen it done so elegantly. The detail and imagination that is put into your models are greatly shown through your website, which was one of the selling points for me to purchase the Oribana Charm CD. I also found it wonderful that you covered with great screen shots, what the CD layout and look was going to be, I felt very confident in making a purchase. And lastly I recieved yesterday to my suprise the CD, in just 8 days after I placed the order. The CD runs great and there are many real photos showing what the final outcome of a model looks like. This is much better for me to compare what I have done when working with a new diagram for the first time, instead of comparing it to a drawn rendering. My overall experience from my very first encounter with the website till recieving my CD has been a very pleasant experience and I definatly look forward to doing business with you again. :)
Na'Cole, United States

I must say that your creations are both magical and awe-inspiring. I could not stop smiling the whole time I was on your site.
Jason Henry, United States

Who knew? What an amazing world you have created here! I am passing this site on to everyone I know. Thank you for sharing your lovely gifts...
Pamela Brackett, United States

Amazing!!!! I love Oriland! This site is very interesting and colorful! I never have thought origami could be this exciting! Keep up the good work! Oriland forever!
Nell Gin, Malaysia

Unbelievable! You've created a whole world and all the inhabitants. I used to have a toy store and at first glance it looked like plastic. I'm seeing visions of a movie, (the newest thing since claymation) where the magical creatures "make" themselves when they want to appear somewhere new. I don't know which is more amazing, your imaginations or your skill. Also an incredible web site. Love the little moving circles around the people and the magic wand. WOW!
Janet Murray, United States

Fantastic Site!! I am a graphic designer looking for some inspiration and stumbled on your site. I am truly impressed with the site itself and the diagrams and well everything really! I have already passed it onto my Japanese friend who is looking through it now. Well done, keep up the good work!!
Alex, Canada

Hello! I just wanted to say that you have a wonderfully beautiful site. I love the colors you have incorporated into the origami and am very impressed with your creative talents. Keep up the great work!
Andrea Leonard, United States

This is the best site I've seen yet! I LOVE IT! Precise diagrams and easy to follow. Thank you!
Dana Gratias, Canada

Really great web-page! I appreciate especially those very clear diagrams and fresh, colorful photos. The idea of a land created just from origami models is a pleasing childhood dream which you bring to life very succesfully - thanks a lot! ;)
Xgoni, Slovakia

Oriland has lots of origami. I've done origami scince was only 5. The origami in Oriland have such beautiful artwork!! Oriland treasury has so much diagrams that's so cool!!!! I love Oriland it's colourful and beautiful!!
Caitlin Miraflores, Canada

Very good site; cleverly done diagrams, handy explanations... beautiful... and free! Thanks a lot! I especially loooooved the models in the "decorations" section. Marvellous. Keep it up!
Sophie L., France

I have been looking for a nice place to make origami, and I found it! After see a lot of places of origami in the web, Oriland it's just the best! Keep the good work Oriland Creators Yuri and Katrin!
Jose Jesus, Mexico

This website is incredible! I recently started origami and I'm doing little basic things. But then I found this site and I see that you can do anything with it! These models are so cool!
Renee Rogers, United States

I have written in before, but I have to say again, Thankyou for the great site. A few months ago I purchased the Oribana Beauty, Origami Land, and Bijou, and love the all. I am very fascinated with oribana, and have made arrangements for friends, and for those in hospital. Thankyou so much for your origami!
Lucinda Law, Australia

It's the best orgami I ever in the whole wide world!!!!
Rachel Mun, Japan

Wow! What a beautiful website! I stumbled on it from another Craft site, and I am so glad that I did! I love it - the colors, the free e-cards, the patterns to make so many different paper objects! Thank you for creating this wonderfully fun site. I plan on telling a lot of my friends about it!
Karla Cardell, United States

Completely BLOWS my mind!!! So beautiful... I ordered 2 of the CDs! It has been years since I lasted folded, but recently I wanted to create flowers for friends and other loved ones. I have books, but the Oriland creators and this website have shown me a whole other world! I can not say enough about this website - surprised that I came across it and I hope others will share in my excitement!
Michelle West, United States

GORGEOUS site! I literally gasped when I first saw it. The diagrams and galleries are nothing short of beautiful and imaginative, and they range from simple elaborate. I mean, just check out those castles!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Kristin Anderson, United States

... I have no words to express what I feel everytime I visit Oriland... It is just wonderful and inspirational. Thank you.
Adriana Castano, Colombia

This is absolutely fantastic!!! it is the best origami website i have ever been on, the fact that you can do all of it with NO cutting or sticking is amazing
Tom Hedger, United Kingdom

I would like to say that this website is perfect for imagination and inspiration! I wish I could do all of the castles. Oh, wait, I would like to make everything that I see on this site! It's wonderful, beautiful, perfect...it's everything positive you can say. Keep up the good work!
Star Prentice, Canada

Amazing! The time, effort and INCREDIBLE talent that went into this site. And you share it with us...Thank You
Tere Reich, United States

I think it is a spectacular website. I've got the opportunity to make many things that I didn't know how to make in the past. The ideas, the methods and the diagrams are all absolutely amazing. I have learned a lot from this web site and I hope to learn more in the future. Thanks to Oriland!
Amena Quraishi, Netherlands

Wow! This site is like no other. I love the creativity put into every detail.
Emily Fincher, United States

I love Oriland. It is the best site on the Net. I visit it everyday and Thanks again Yuri and Katrin for creating such an adorable site which can be cherished throughout the world!
Mahrukh Mumtaz, Pakistan

Awesome, amazing, educational, exciting, creative... This is a site I will be investing a LOT of time viewing. What a TREASURE to find on the web!
Serena Lumiere, United States

Before I found Oriland I could never find any new models and almost gave up on my hobbie. Oriland saved my interest! The Oriland kingdoms are adorable!
Christina Milbourne, United States

This is a very well-done and lovely website, Katrin and Yuri!!! Very informative and useful. I am a visual artist, have been working with many other media to create artworks, but still, paper is one of the most fasinating media to work on. I had learnt about origami when I was very young, and thought origami was only for young kids, and I hadn't folded anything till lately, when I was preparing some special gifts for my boyfriend. I filled up a beautiful glass bottle with about 300 paper-folded colourful stars and hearts, and he loves them!!! And now, he's also learning origami with me together!! :)Thank you very much for creating such a inspiring website again!!! and keep up on the great work! :)))))
Jasmine C., Canada

I am absolutely amazed and thrilled to discover this site. This is the best origami site I have discovered. I also enjoyed the appearance of the site and thought it looked fantastic. I am definitely going to buy the Oriland cd. This site will heaven for people who live and breath origami[like myself]. To the people who created this site continue doing what you are doing.
Camellia Bryan, Canada

Oriland is the best origami website I have ever found. Everything is excellent! After going through this website I have known the true meaning of origami and being artistic! Thank you.
Heba Moeen, Pakistan

My best friend told me about this site and she really loves and I just wanted to say that I LOVE it TOO, it is like, tottaly the best and I tell all my friends about it cuz i know that they will love it too! Thanks to all the ppl who made this site possible, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!
Lauren Jenkins, Australia

You have created the most beautiful and instructional origami site that I have discovered. Your diagrams are easy to follow and have encouraged me to tackle designs I might otherwise have shied away from. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring online origami experience.
Airlia Gladdin, Australia

I love the creativity and beauty of the site. I was really impressed by the origami-world's photos! Everything is so nicely done, from the diagrams to the navigation to the content. Thank you for making this site!
Val C., United States

I absolutely LOVE Oriland!!! I think it's the coolest website. I also think that the modular origami on the flowes are SO amazing!!! All my friends agree with me and don't see a reason why they shouldn't. Please, make more of your exquisit oriland origami!! I am looking forward to seeing more. I, unfortunately, I don't know how to very complicated ones, I know some but they're really simple, so all I can do is enjoy the beauty of it made by someone else. Lana. Good Luck on inventing more awesome origami!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lana Johnson, United States

Wonderful. The colours used are really a great help because we can see very well how to fold. The book Oribana is very nice too. The best site... I was looking for it, i found it : here !
Karine Irani, France, Metropolitan

Hello Yuri and Katrin! I just watched the webcast of the ChildNet awards ceremony wherein the Oriland.com is a winner. I made that heart pretty well, not as perfect but as significant of learning a 7th century masterpeice by use of the 21st century Internet! This is the second time I wrote my message on the GuestBook, I have saw how quality your site is. truly the two of you deserves the honor. I truly would like to congratulate your team, I am an entrant to this year's childnet, so pray for me! bye : )
Angelicum Oda, Philippines

Wow ! I finaly got to see Oriland in Charlotte. It was fantastic. I love the CD's and can't wait for the Oriland castles CD. It was a real pleasure meeting both of you and i would love to see Oriland in Australia some time.
Darren Scott, Australia

A feast for the eyes and imagination! What a quest, kudos to the artists!!!!
Shawnee Glenn, United States

I'm dazzled, it's more than wonderful, I don't know what to say, except: this magical site is like THE RAINBOW'S COLORS WHICH COLOR MY SKY TO CREATE A FANTASTIC PICTURE,THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL.
Rawana Nadir, Jordan

This site is absolutely amazing! Very beautiful and imaginative too. Thank you for bringing the art of origami into our lives!
Shraddha, India

This is absolutely amazing!!! I think your site is great!!! Please continue to publish books with diagrams of these miniature worlds!!!
Ginger Lacki, United States

Oriland is the best site about origami for origami's lovers like me. It isn't a site only for children, but for adults that love a children that exist inside themselves, because we need sensibilily and to explore our emotions. Congratulations Oriland!!!!!
Ana Pacheco, United States

Wow! I've never seen such a beautiful site as Oriland! My 4 year-old daughter is also fascinated with the site. Viewing the browser, she now asks me loudly 'mom, fold that castle please!!' ---Oh my! I need a hard lesson! My daughter recently learned how to fold an airplain. She has always some pieces of origami wherever she goes.
Ayumi S, Japan

This is such a delightful site for kids and kids at heart - congratulations on your creativity and wonderful presentation. This is one of the most creative sites you'll find on the web. Even if you haven't yet become an origami enthusiast, you'd be hard pressed not to start folding paper before you leave. This is a must see and delightful educational and play site for all kids at heart!
Elizabeth Root, United States

Beautiful Fabulous Marvelous Imaginative Pretty & Wonderful... This is the BEST web I have ever seen. Thank you.
Okihiro Yoneda, Tokyo, Japan

I can't believe what I've found, it feels like i have been searching for gold for a couple of years, and couldn't find it, I have truly found one of the bestest websites in the world, ya'll are doing great keep up the work!!! God Bless...
Fred Peirce, United States

This site is amazing. Before I found this website there was no really cool websites about origami. But now Oriland rocks my world. It's so cool to find the lost diagrams in Foldingburg. Well gotta go!
Danny York, United States

Congratulations on the most colourful and imaginative ori site on the Web. I have just purchaced your CD Team Skeleton from the supplies at the recent British Origami Society spring Convention 2002 and it is a little gem. Well done. I will get the other two at the next meeting. Please keep up the good work. Kind regards.
Dave Venables, United Kingdom

I love your site. Too much to see and learn. I've been folding for 3 years and have never seen a site like this. Thanks for bringing this site closer to everyone who love paperfolding.
Susan Lasiter, United States

It's wonderful to visit this website! Congratulations for your prize in Paris. It's worthy of that prize and many more! Thank you!
Elsa Marques, Portugal

Oriland is just amazing. You people made a mind glowing website. Its really very different and interesting.
Karriena Khan, Pakistan

Wow!!!! My son and I have been reading and trying some basic origami projects and we came upon your web site and we were just in awe of the beautiful things you have created! We have book marked your site and will definitely come back time and time again. Thank you for such a beautiful visit!!!
Rita Thomas, United States

I think this site is awesome. I'm learning Origami right now. I'm not that good at it, but I take this site as my teaching. Well done!
Ami A. Diablos, Canada

I think it's really cute. I would never be able to build it. Thank you for this wonderful site I really enjoyed it. It's a sophisticated art with a sense of childhood pleasures. You all did a really great job!!
Jessica Atkinson, United States

It is great!!! I feel like child :) My children look together with me and are happy. Thanks!
Vilnis Dzenis, Latvia

Dear Oriland, this was the first time I visited your site and I absoloutly love it. I really love origami it is so amazing what you can do with just a single piece of paper Thanks and keep up the good work.
Georgia Bergers, Australia

I love this site! Must be a lot of work & thoughts put in it. It certainly brightens my day up after browsing through this site! Good diagrams, just wonderful! Thank you!
Corrie Kwan, Canada

Oriland is great! I'm amazed at what can be created with so little paper! Oriland is an amazing insight into the world of origami!
Kirsten McConchie, New Zealand

I think that Oriland is great. I tried some of the origami. It's very neat. I also sent a postcard to my friend. Everyone should know about this site.
Brittany Mkelvie, USA

Your site is truly out of this world. There are not enough hours in the day to see it all. Thanks for being so generous with your diagrams. May the folds be with you.
Alice Bellagh, USA

Maybe you're not going to believe me, I never sign on the guestbooks but I think that your work must be recognized, this is the best web i have ever seen, I'm one of your biggest fans now, I really hope you write me back. Thanks, Gil.
Gilberto C. Ruiz Glez, Mexico

Amazing website. Frankly, the most aesthetically pleasing I've seen. The colors are just splendid, AND the information is relevant. One site to bookmark and visit often.
Ino, Canada

Oh, I've never seen such a cute and sweet site about origami like this before. I feel like I am traveling through a wonderful and amazing world!
Nana, Thailand

This page is gorgeous!!! It's got beautiful colors and designs! Keep up the great work, I'll definitely come back...
Nilka, Panama

I really love this place, I didn't know how to do much origami until I found this place today. I am going to pass the word around at my school! :)
Michelle, USA

I love this page. its a fantasy world for me. i lose track of time whenever i visit this page. Thank you! I LOVE O-R-I-G-A-M-I!!!!!!!!!
John, Philippines

This is a really cool place. I could stay here for ages.
Anna, New Zealand

This is a really cool site. Some of the makes are a bit hard, but the challenge is fun and I get a great sense of achievement out of it. A really well designed site!
Belinda, United Kingdom

I think this is a great site. I love making origami and this just adds to the excitement. Even the Girlfriend magazine had you in their web reviews for the October 2001 issue so this site must be GOOD!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK ORILAND. Keep making more for me and my class members to do!!!!!!!
Chloe, Australia

Oriland make me imagine about some place that peace, beautiful and finest. Sometimes I dream to become a part of Oriland.
Endahpuspa, Indonesia

Oh I love this land, I wish I can be a dweller. Since my first journey I know this is my home. I live in Alaska and the treasures what I found in Oriland became a teasure to many Alaskans. Happy New Year and God bless the people who are working on this site for the pleasure of many children and child hearted adults.
Csenge Toth, United States

WOW!!!!!! This is an amazing site!!!! The diagrams are neat, the flash it presented in a good clean manner... basically, THIS SITE ROCKS!!!! I just got "Origami Chic" and it is amazing!!! Now if only I could get enough patience to fold a rucksack....
Takeo, USA

ORILAND is very good!!! I like it very much!!! I like ORIVILLE is very good. FOLDINGBURG is also very good. SAN-ELF is very funny. LA MAGIC is very intresting. You have created ORILAND very well YURII and KATRIN SHUMAKOV!!!
Laura Rebecca Viirtela, Finland

Arnold Martey, Ghana

I love Oriland. It have so many things that need to be discover. It has so many things that I couldn't even explore everything at once. Everything is so pretty, unique and colorful. Every place and city I go in Oriland is always colorful and have origami. I never seen this much origami directions in my whole life. Thank you to the creators to make this website. - Kelly Kha, Tues,April 16,2002, Oriland fan.
Kelly Kha, USA

A feast for the eyes and imagination! What a quest, kudos to the artists!!!!
Shawnee Glenn, United States

I would like to visit Oriland and never come back to real world. I want to be a orilander!!! Congratulations for your work!!!!
Halle, Spain

Hello! I am very fond of this site, I like your technology folding, I have three disks Oribana Trio. I can hold off on oribana of these disks. Get great pleasure of beautiful models and interesting schemes. thank you!
Masha, Israel

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