Origami Art-Work for GO Transit

Origami Art-Work for GO Transit

Recently we did an origami installation for GO Transit, well-known transportation company here in Toronto. They commissioned us (Oriland creators :-) to create several origami art-pieces for their new Community Office at 901 King West Street, the Grand Opening of which happened on October 2 on Toronto’s Nuit Blanche art event.

We created Origami Spheres out off their flyers based on an icosaherdon shape, one of the 5 Platonic solids. Each of the big spheres was folded from 120 pieces of paper (GO flyers mixed with silver shiny paper), no glue was used. The big spheres turned out to be 2.5 feet (75 cm) in diameter each and each 6.5 kg in weight. For the big spheres we also created origami pedestals in shape of 5-facet columns using black paper. Installed into windows the spheres are well noticeable from the street and attract attention. Based on Icosahedron form the spheres turned to be quite elegant and this shape actually is “First stellation of icosahedron” also called Small triambic icosahedron.
Also we created a few smaller spheres, 15 inches (40 cm) in diameter each to decorate the office. On the pictures, you may see two of them hanging from the lampshades. In respect of shiny elements of spheres, the folks in the office called the opening party as Origami Disco :-)

Another highlight of this origami installation was the company logo letters ‘G-O’ we created out of mini origami cubes, each letter being almost 2 feet (20 inches) tall. Each cube was folded from a regular Letter-size sheet of paper and measured 2x2x2 inches. The mini cubes were arranged (connected securely each to other by paper locks) to build each letter. The origami “G-O” letters turned out quite cool and cute at the same time – they stand on the cube-legs. Everyone loved and smiled at them :-)

Here you can see G-O letters centrepiece as well as two smaller spheres that hang under the lamps.
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9864

Origami G-O letters centrepiece. Looks pretty cool! :-)
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9866

The big sphere is folded from 120 pieces of paper without glue. The sphere’s diameter is 2.5 feet (75 cm) and the weight is 6.5 kg. The black pedestal is origami also!
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9868

That’s Katrin (one of Oriland creators duet :-) It feels good when do a project like that.
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9896

And here is Yuri (the other half of Oriland creators duet). You may see proportions of the sphere.
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9898

The GO origami installation is located at 901 King West Street (King Street West and Strachan Avenue).
Origami Art-Work for GO Transit. EOS_9876

If you are in Toronto and happen to be in the King West Street area, come to this GO office to see these origami art-pieces for yourself! Cheers :-)

See through the slideshow of this installation.

Happy folding and you’re always welcome to Oriland!

Sincerely yours,
Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
Oriland Creators, Origami Artists

ORILAND: What Origami Can Be!

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2 Responses to Origami Art-Work for GO Transit

  1. margara says:

    I`m from Mèxico City, I want to know how to buy or get some of your books or diagrams, I have a relative living in Nuevo Laredo maybe he coul buy it for me, specialy the oriland magic star… I`m 56 years old kindergarden teacher, now I`m retired and loving origami …. please let me know how

  2. Hello Margara! Thank you for your interest to Oriland. Our books with diagrams are now all available in digital format, so they can be bought from our website and downloaded instantly. No shipping to worry about. You may buy physical CDs or Download versions at our on-line Store http://www.oriland.com/store/main.asp As for the CDs – these are programs to run on the computer. Everything there is in English. We encourage you to visit our website and learn more info at the web-presentation of CDs at http://www.oriland.com/store/cds/main.asp
    As for origami eBooks – they are PDF files to use on the computers. More about eBooks at http://www.oriland.com/store/ebooks/main.asp
    Diagrams for Oriland Magic Star are still in work, ie not ready. If you would like to acquire the real folded model, please visit Oriland Objets d’Art at http://www.oriland.com/store/artobjects/main.asp
    Happy folding!
    Happy folding!

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